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Starting early in life, shaping one’s career is vital in our rapidly changing, tech-driven world. Younger generations must learn to harness and excel in technology integration. Our goal is to develop innovative programs with modern learning methods, empowering children to master essential skills from a young age.

Age-Appropriate Curriculum

Suitable for Age 8+ year
& above.


Earn a certificate accredited

Collaborative Learning

Students Develop social and
teamwork skills.

Fun and Engaging Classes

Help to keep students interested and motivated.

Experienced instructors

With strong background in robotics and ability to work with young minds

Project-based Learning

Students work on real-world projects which build their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

Our Education Partner - Mechatron Robotics

Mechatron Robotics in collaboration with Kidd- O Skillkit is entirely focused on preparing Kenyan young minds for the Industry 4.0 by providing practical & project based training to students and develop the core skills in the field of Coding, Electronics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, App Development, Embedded Systems using Arduino, Machine Learning, Raspberry Pi & Robot Operating System.

Their presence extends beyond India, reaching 14 African countries, including Kenya, as well as Germany and Saudi Arabia.

Featured Courses

A well-rounded curriculum in coding and robotics, encompassing both foundational and advanced concepts to children aged 8 years and above.

Online Learning

Access to 13 Levels through Learning Management System

Kit Based Learning

A fun way to learn complex skills through project-based concepts

Professional Courses

Learn Electronics, Arduino & Python Programming for University students

About Us

Kidd-O Skillkit is a platform in Kenya supporting the paradigm shift of educational technology through specific project-based learning that encourages creativity and innovation.

We have collaborated with Mechatron Robotics from India to offer a comprehensive suite of coding & robotics courses combined together – allowing young minds from early age to explore the wonders of technology!

Our enrichment courses are designed specifically for School & University Students that are engaging & interactive, with hands-on activities, challenges, and quizzes – making learning fun & intuitive 

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Fostering a Digital-Ready Society: Nurturing Kenya’s Technology Pioneers
Igniting the Potential of Youth: Inspiring Imagination, Technological Advancement, and Solution-Driven Thinking
To ignite children’s passion for STEM by fostering coding and robotics skills for a brighter future

What We Offer?

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Are you passionate about shaping the future of education? Do you want to empower children with essential skills in coding and robotics? If so, join our thriving network of sub franchisees and strategic partners today! We’re excited to welcome schools and entrepreneurs to offer our world-class kids coding and robotics programs.

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Are you passionate about educating and empowering future generations? Do you believe in the importance of the teacher’s role in technology education? Are you excited by the power of real-time interaction and inspiring young Kenyans to unleash their creativity?

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Artificial Intelligence

The Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Robotics are three of the most important technologies of the Information Age.


Business Coaching

Business coaching is a process in which a professional coach guides a businessperson in the pursuit of their work goals.


Mobile Applications

A mobile application, referred to as an app, is a type of application software such as a smartphone or tablet computer.

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Our practical, project based training progra ms are designed to foster creativity, innovation & a strong foundation in the core skills essential for thriving in the fields of Coding, Electronics, Robotics, AI, IOT, App Development and more.